Monday, March 13

I Agreed to Do What?!?!?!?!

At the Neighborhood Council 7 meeting tonight, the councilors held an election to replace two positions left open due to resignations. I ran for one of those seats and was appointed to fill one of those positions.

Why did I run? Quite frankly, I would have preferred not to put my hat in the ring. Getting out in the evening when there are kids to get ready for school the next day is not my preference. However, I think that our neighborhood has an incredible amount of potential. I would like to help develop that potential.

In any case, as of the next city commission meeting (Tuesday, March 21), I will be a member of the council. If you live in the council district (the lower North and South sides) and would like me to bring up an issue, please send me a note and let me know. My email address is a a r o n AT w e i s s m a n DOT c o m.


GeeGuy said...

Kudos, Aaron. I was on one of the first Neighborhood Councils. Good luck!

dona stebbins said...

Aaron, your clear calm voice and good judgement will be a great asset to the Council. Welcome to grassroots City government!

Treasure State Jew said...

Thanks for the kind words!