Friday, March 3

The way our country processes Income Tax returns is Foolish

Here is a complaint you are likely to hear parroted by anyone who is either in the tax preparation industry (my wife), or is the spouse of anyone in that industry (me).

Once a year, accountants have to run around like chickens with their heads cut off to process returns or extensions for everyone in the country. It involves four months of long hours followed by eight months of much lighter hours.

This, I submit, is retarded.

I have a modest suggestion; one that would allow private tax preparation firms, the IRS and state Departments of Revenue to more efficiently staff their offices.

Roughly one-twelfth of the people in this country are born in each of the twelve months of the year. Therefore, if everyone's taxes were due on the 15th of the month corresponding to their birthday, then tax preparation wouldn't have to happen at such a breakneck pace to try and get everyone in the country processed by some arbitrary and capricious deadline. Instead of temporary, seasonal workers, the firms and agencies that process taxes could hire full-time help.

Plus, I would get to see my wife.

Forty-six days to go.

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david said...

Good grief - that is one of the most sensible ideas I've ever heard, Aaron.

Too sensible for Washington, sadly.