Thursday, July 6

Back from Vacation, Maybe Back to Posting As Well?

The family and I just returned from a well-deserved vacation, camping and hiking at Glacier Park. I would venture to say that there is not a prettier place on our planet than Glacier Park, and it is always a real treat to spend time there.

The kids were only up to small hikes (the oldest is only eight, after all), but we made the most of them. The photo to left was taken just past the Hidden Lake overlook, about two miles from Logan Pass.

We camped just West of the park. I am now very enamored with using a double handled wok in a campfire. I made a stir-fry beef dish, and have never had a stir fry work out so well. The key is getting the wok really hot, which is impossible on a traditional stove. I stuck the wok right in the fire. The food was cooked and on plates within a few minutes of starting the cooking.

I also had never made rice over a campfire. Also worked out well.

Ah well, I will have more to post after I finish finding my desk ... Posted by Picasa

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