Sunday, July 9

My Answers to the City Pool Survey

When filling out your City Pool survey, please consider entering comments similar to these below. I checked the " that made the following improvements:" box, and entered the following comments:

I am not really qualified to judge at what value the bond issue should be pegged. Please ignore the number listed, as I only listed a figure because your computer system would not process my comments without a number in that field. However, please consider the following:

* At least one of the neighborhood pools should be maintained.
* No frills (hot tubs, etc.) should be purchased for the Nat.
* $934k for repairs to the Mitchell is an extremely big number. You need to detail exactly what repairs are necessary.
* Innovative solutions must be found to stop the flow of red ink from the Flow Rider. Among those solutions may be analyzing the pricing structure at the facility to ensure that revenue is being maximized.
* No bond issue should shift the Flow Rider debt from the aquatics budget. Pretending that this debt does not exist by shifting the liability to a general obligation bond is just a dishonest accounting dodge. We bought the thing, and its financials should reflect the drain that it represents on our aquatics budget.

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