Sunday, July 9

Movie Review

So, this space isn't usually used for anything like a movie review. However, my blog, my pontifications. So, here goes ...

This weekend, the family and I went to the new Superman movie. My son was very excited to see Superman on the big screen. He went to the movie wearing a red cape.

I found the movie to be an insipid waste. Why? Because the actors did not make the parts their own. Kevin Spacey was not playing Lex Luthor. He was playing Gene Hackman. Brandon Routh was playing Christopher Reeve. To a lesser extent, every other actor in the movie was playing the actors that portrayed those roles in the 70s and 80s.

The director, Bryan Singer, didn't so much make a movie as he did an homage to the Richard Donner films. That is nice, but it really handicapped the film. For that they spent more than $200 Million and made me sit in a theatre chair for more than two hours? Ick.


david said...

You know, I really enjoyed the movie, but your criticism is on-target. In some ways it really did feel like a "tribute" movie to the first two Reeve flicks.

Good insight.

Anonymous said...


Please stick to important issues, otherwise you will lose my interest in reading this site.



Treasure State Jew said...

Hey Anon;

My blog, my pontifications. You are welcome to read whatever you want to on this site, but I will write whatever interests me.

If you don't like the subject matter, gyob.