Friday, July 14

Posting Should be Light Until Next Week

The family and I are heading up to Canada for my Grandmother's unveiling, so posting should be light or nonexistent until next week. I am getting so that I dearly love being away from computers.

Anyway, in my mind I have been mulling over a few posts about what I think thould be issue number one for Great Falls residents, the proposed Highwood Generating Plant. I have been reading as much as I can from both sides in this issue, and I believe we need to properly frame this debate.

In previous posts, I have talked about the economic impact of the plant and the "alternative" IGCC technology. I think it is also worth investigating the technology behind the proposed CFB plant. Another discussion that has been lacking is one about the costs to build this plant as contrasted to its economic impact. After all, while Great Falls taxpayers may only be on the hook for 20% of the expenses to build this thing, we are talking about a big number. Talking about the business plan to build this plant is very relevant.

On to Canada! More later ...


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation in Canada.

SallyT said...

"Talking about the business plan to build this plant is very relevant."
Have you seen one? Do tell.

The costs are my main concern, especially since the Trib has been loathe to mention any specifics.