Thursday, July 6

Firefly Asks About White Water Elephant's Ad Budget

Firefly asks about the advertising budget for the flow rider. Unfortunately, I don't have a good answer. The city's budget for its aquatics program, available here (application/pdf Object), lists some general expense categories for the Mitchell Pool.

For the 2006 adopted budget, the city is to spend $363,497 on the Mitchell Pool (which includes the WWE). Of those funds, $173,808 are to go for "Personal Services" (which I assume should be personnel services, or payroll for pool employees). $72,900 is to go for supplies and meterials. $26,688 is to go for internal services (which I assume pays for city management salaries).

Finally, $90,101 is to go for "Purchased Services." I don't know what services are being purchased, but I assume that any advertising dollars are being taken out of that pot.

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