Wednesday, July 12

Ummm, Perhaps We Should Hire Someone Serious about the Position Next Time?

This just in ... the brand new director of the Business Improvement Director (BID) resigned today after just one day on the job. Apparently, a better opportunity came up.

Look, I can't blame a guy for looking out for himself. However, if BID is going to succeed we need to have an interested, engaged and committed person in the job. Back to square one?


Anonymous said...

Hello TSJ: On the same general subject, was the vacant seat on Neighborhood Council #7 filled on 7/11 at the Heisey Center? I didn't see an update story in yesterday's or today's Tribune. Would you please report on this? Thanks!

Treasure State Jew said...

Yes. The position was filled by Donna Sadler. Donna is a resident of the lower North side, and has been very active in the Neighborhood Watch there. I think that she was sworn in at the City Commission meeting yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply! Hopefully Ms. Sadler will live up to her duty to God, Neighbor and the constitutions of the United States and Montana. May our neighborhoods be safer places to live, especially for the children. Amen.

A fairly faithful anonymous reader of TSJ