Monday, November 7

City Election is Tomorrow

Our municipal election is tomorrow. Municipal elections are the ones that attract the smallest number of voters, but I find elections like these to be the ones that are the most relevant. As I will probably pontificate at much-to-great a length in future posts, I feel that national, and to a smaller extent, State races are just games played by powerbrokers jockeying for position.

City and county issues, however, directy impact the governmental services we use most often. The water I use when I turn on the tap and the sewer I use after I am done using that water is a city resource and responsibilility. The trash that I throw away is taken to a city dump by city employees after I put it in a city receptacle.

When I feel that I am in danger, I call for a city-employed policeman. If there is a fire, I call for a city-employed fireman. A problem on the street, or a loose animal bothering the community? Also jobs for the city.

We should care about these issues, as they directly affect us. That is the main reason that I have spent so much time on this blog in recent months talking about the candidates.

After much consideration, I have also changed my mind on whether or not to endorse candidates from this blog. Originally, I had thought to write about the issues as I saw them, and leave the reader to make their own choice. However, the more I think about it, that viewpoint is a cop-out. After all, by laying out the issues as I seem them, I am in effect making an endorsement, anyway. The choice is still yours to make; I am simply telling you who I will vote for. And besides, its my blog. Nyah! ;-)

So today, I will post my opinion as to who is the best candidates in the various races before lower North and South side Great Falls residents.

Whether you agree with me or not, tomorrow please remember to vote.

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