Sunday, November 13

Don't You Love it When Outsiders Tell Us our Business?

Thanks for the heads-up from Norseman and Geeguy for this gem.

A left-leaning website that appears to be part of the DC partisan machine (for both parties, what I am code-naming the "cabal") called the "Swing State Project" is looking to our recent mayoral election results as "proof" of anti-Bush sentiment in Montana.

While there may be anti-Bush sentiment growing in Montana, I hardly think that this author (DavidNYC) knows what he is talking about. Our NONPARTISAN municipal election did not feature any big-ticket partisan issues. It was strictly a friendly race between two individuals who care about good government in our community. Wouldn't it be nice if the two parties that run our country appeared to be concerned about good government, instead of who is in charge, for once?

As David noted, Stebbins' received campaign donations and public support by Cascade County Commissioner Joe Briggs, one of the most prominent Republicans in Cascade County. She also received support from many noted Democrats.

The same can be said of Gray. Gray was publically supported by both noted Democrats and Republicans. As GeeGuy noted, he was the preferred choice of the plaintiff's bar here in Great Falls.

For want of a better term, ours was a purple election. It was strictly about local issues. Of ours was a partisan election, I am quite sure that Wulfgar, Sirota, Singer, the GOP E-Watch, etc. would have trumpeted about our races like they did about the Missoula race. They didn't because they knew that our election was not about that crap.

Quite frankly, it offends me that some outsider wants to use us as justification for some talking point paper about Democrat momentum. I would be just as offended if our race was used by some Republican outsider.

Note to DavidNYC; do a bit of research before you go shooting off your mouth.

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Wulfgar said...

Keep in mind DavidNYC is carrying forward with the Montana focus that was started at Swing State by Bob Brigham, a Montana expat. The problem is, I don't think David really understands this state half well enough to really know what he's talking about.

The other thing to keep in mind is that he's writing for the dKos/Sarota readers, not at all for Montanans. I guess I'm a little happy that this isn't some astro-turfing effort in state, but still a little offended/confused as to the lack of insight offered by his Great Falls example.