Monday, November 21

Sharon Resigns from Likud?????

In a move that roughly analogues Lincoln leaving the Republican Party, or Jefferson resigning from the Democrats, Ariel Sharon resigned from Likud yesterday.

I will be honest; I don't know that much about internal Israeli politics. As a US citizen and Jew, I am an interested observer. However, I am neither deeply informed nor am I particularly current with what information I do have.

However, I have watched Sharon with interest for the past several years. While he has been compared to Nixon going to China, he seems to represent a large portion of Israeli society that feels that the current situation can not continue, but also understands that the Palestinians are not honest brokers for peace.

So, they move unilaterally. This move seems to be predicated on Sharon's belief that he can force the Palestinians to accept peace by giving them a chunk of land and putting up a big fence to keep them on their side of the line.

In any case, yesterday marked a tectonic shift in Israeli politics.

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