Monday, November 21

Why is the Trib running Out of Date Stories?

Today, the Trib ran a story about Sony's rootkit mess. Couldn't find it online.

However, it seems that the Trib isn't really running news; it is running olds. The article they ran reported on facts more than a week old. The story stated that there were only 20 CDs that contained the XCP rootkit technology (there were 52, as Sony admitted last Thursday).

The story also said that Sony would accept CDs back from customers, but wasn't pulling the CDs from store shelves. That was Sony's position at the beginning of last week, but certainly not their position now.

Updated info on this mess can be found on sites like boingboing. The Trib certainly could have run an up-to-date piece on a fast moving story. However, it seems that instead, they ran an AP piece from the beginning of last week. Is that journalism?

C'mon guys. You are a daily paper, not a weekly from the hi-line. I expect my news to be just that.


GeeGuy said...

This is an ongoing problem for the Tribune and other 'old media.' We can go out and find more up to date, more accurate, and more balanced information ourselves. Why buy a paper?

dona stebbins said...

They don't call it dead tree media for nothing...

ZenPanda said...

Is it me or is the Trib's online content shrinking?