Tuesday, November 1

Who is Running for Neighborhood Council 7?

Next Tuesday is municipal election day. The contested races for mayor, and to a lessor extent the city commission, has generated a fair amount of interest in our small city.

However, the lower North and South sides also have contested races for our own Neighborhood Council 7. That council represents the entirety of the lower North and South sides, from the Missouri River to 10th Avenue South.

I would venture to say that most of the people in Great Falls work in our neighborhood, medical and military folks excepted. It is our original townsite, and our economic core.

It also is home to two struggling elementary schools, brownfields, abandoned buildings and the most intractably poor residents of our city.

I am proud to call the lower North side my home. I have a vital interest in the decisions that will be made by Neighborhood Council 7. However, I don't know much about the candidates for the job.

There are eight people running for the eight seats on the council. Three of those eight are incumbent councilors. Here is a list of the candidates;

  • Clary Cory, (i)
  • Robert E. Gaskell, (i)
  • Kimberliegh L. Thiel-Schaaf, (i)
  • Karie Howell
  • Lionel McKnire
  • Joseph Moll
  • Mike Taylor
  • Paul Andrew Zallek
What do these candidates stand for? How will they work to revitalize our downtown?

Do any of these candidates read this blog (probably not, I often think that I am the only reader)? Do they have anything to add?

Does anyone reading this blog have any comments that they would like to post supporting or opposing any of these candidates?

In the coming days, I hope to speak to all of these candidates and post my thoughts. I can't guarantee that it will happen, but I would like to see more information about these potential councilors.

I would also encourage any lower North and South side residents to read the minutes of the last several council meetings. They are online, here.


GeeGuy said...

You're not the only reader!

Treasure State Jew said...

Well, you and me then!

dona stebbins said...

As the current chair of Council 7, I urge you to support the following folks in the race:
Kim Thiel Schaaf is the former Neighborhood Council Coordinator for the City of Great Falls. She is an effective communicator, and knows how to get things done.
Clary Cory is a long-time resident (all her 70+ years) of the neighborhood, and a great resource on matters historical. Sharp as a tack, very outspoken.
Robert Gaskell works and lives downtown where he sees a great many residents on a daily basis. He has been an effective sargeant-at-arms for the Council.
Mike Taylor is a recent addition to the neighborhood, and has been attending Council meetings regularly. As a newcomer, I think he'll bring a fresh perspective.
Karie Howell is a downtown business woman who has recently moved into the neighborhood. She is bright and aware, a single mother of three, owner of Cafe Earth, and working on a Master's degree.
I urge you to contact these folks and share your concerns.
I will be sad to leave the Council - but I couldn't run for two positions. I will, however, continue to attend Council 7 meetings. I urge you all to do the same.
As for the other candidates for these 5 positions, seek them out as well. Check Google, too.