Monday, November 7

Neighborhood Council 7 endorsements

I have not had a chance to speak with the candidates. Beyond a Google search of them, all I know about them are the endorsements made by Dona Stebbins on this blog last week.

I will let you do your own Google searches, if you like. There is some pretty interesting (and in some cases, scary) information that has been posted by at least one candidate. Dona's opinion here carries a great deal of weight with me. My opinion here hews pretty close to hers.

Therefore, I recommend the following five people;

  • Kim Thiel-Schaaf (i)
  • Clary Cory (i)
  • Robert Gaskell (i)
  • Mike Taylor
  • Karie Howell
For specific information about each individual, I recommend both Dona's endorsement and Google.

1 comment:

dona stebbins said...

Aaron, thank you for your conscientious and honest entries on this blog. I believe our neighborhood councils are a great way to be part of the democratic process, and the people running for these offices are folks who are passionate about our community. My Council 7 has been a big part of my life, and I will continue to attend the meetings. I do hope that voters will turn out to vote for the Councils. They are important.