Thursday, December 22

Election Workers Need to be Above Reproach

Today's Trib had a story about an election worker that may have tried to influence voters during our recent municipal election. According to the story, that worker may or may not have damaged or destroyed ballots.

The Trib uses this as ammunition for the County's effort to move the city to one polling place.

Logistically, elections are hard to administer. I understand that. I sympathize with the hard work that Cascade County Clerk and Recorder Peggy Carrico has to do to make elections happen. However, making the voting process difficult for the voters is not the answer.

That said, election workers need to be above reproach. We cannot afford to question the impartiality of the people that safeguard and count our ballots.


Justin said...

How can we afford to not question them . . .

Treasure State Jew said...

Justin; I think I phrased that poorly. If we are going to have confidence in our election process, we need to know that our election administrators are above reproach.