Friday, December 9

Red Crystal "Compromise" is Really a Capitulation

After almost six decades, the International Red Cross/Red Crescent society is making a magnanimous gesture. Or at least, that is the impression that they are spewing to whoever will listen.

Israel's Magen David Adam society has been denied membership and affiliation with those "humanitarian" societies because it would accept neither a symbol of Christianity nor one of Islam. As the only Jewish state in the world, it adopted the Magen David, the Jewish Star.

Since that time, Islamic countries have denied Israel's society membership since it utilized an "offensive" symbol.

Well, since Israel's pull back from Gaza, the Red Cross/Crescent societies were willing to "talk." Israel's society could be a member, but couldn't use the Magen David Adam; it would have to use a "neutral" symbol, a diamond shaped crystal.

Today's WSJ editorial (subscription required) really hammered the nail right on the head. This is a disgrace.

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