Thursday, December 22

On Israel and Anti-Semitism

You know, it is a crying shame that race must be brought into so many discussions. I don't think it is usually relevant, and just serves to cloud most issues.

Of course, I am talking about the big Montana blog mess that you can read about here and here. While it may upset people that they feel that they cannot criticize Israel without being branded an anti-Semite, I think it upsets me more that I cannot criticize those Israel-detractors without people assuming that I am branding them as anti-Semitic.

Let me be clear. Anyone can criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic. I will call out anti-Semitism if I see it, but I don't here. The only person that I have ever charged in these pages with such bigotry is the Baby-faced Neo-Nazi in Bozeman. He, I believe, would readily agree with such a charge.

As for my excitable correspondent from Billings, I have only charged him with a cavalier disregard for the personal safety of a person he doesn't know, hasn't ever met and is not a part of this debate. That is not anti-Semitism. I leave you to come to your own conclusions about what it does, however, represent.

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ZenPanda said...

Wow, this has gotten a bit heated over the week.