Friday, December 9

Great Falls Blogosphere in a Buzz about Golf

And the scandal continues.

The $200 grand that is bleeding from the cities coffers due to its (mis)management of the municipal golf courses is resulting in a lot of angry bloggers (including yours truly). In a series of posts on three blogs, a number of facts have been revealed that the Tribune must of thought were not worth printing.

I will let you decide. However, to me these un-reported facts make mis-management seem like a smokescreen for an invitation to corruption. So here is the roundup:

My own 2¢ on the anonymous posts that have begun to appear, defending the cities operation: It is nice to give people part time jobs to mow lawns, but is that really the point of operating the golf courses?

The point of operating the golf courses is to operate golf courses. As such, they need to be run in an efficient manner. The private courses in and around Great Falls (MLCC, Emerald Green and Gannons) understand that, and I am sure that they are not hemorrhaging money like the municipal courses.

The attitude that the courses are nothing but make-work projects designed to give people paychecks is the kind of wrong-headed thinking that keeps our city from breaking through and achieving success.


a-fire-fly said...

Thanks Aaron!
Wouldn't it be nice if we had journalists who were interested in this kind of thing? Then we could read about it in the paper, instead of making our poor brains hurt figuring it out for ourselves!

GeeGuy said...

Geez, firefly. You're so wordy! Here, let me try:

Thanks Aaron! Wouldn't it be nice if we had journalists?!?

a-fire-fly said...

Thanks, I do tend to run on!

Treasure State Jew said...


I don't know if people in Great Falls have too much familiarity with that term. Isn't that someone who seeks to find out the truth and let the people know about it?