Monday, December 12

The Problem with "Logical" Answers for Mid-East Peace

Take a look at this video that aired in the Middle East. It was taped by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

It shows a beautiful 3 1/2 year old girl, proudly answering questions from a reporter. Among the questions;

Q: Do you hate the Jews?
A: Yes
Q: Why do you hate the Jews?
A: Because they are apes and pigs.

THREE AND A HALF YEARS OLD. And already learning hate.

The reporter goes on to praise the child as a "true Muslim" and that all parents should wish for such a devout child.

I need to go throw up now.


ZenPanda said...

How sad. What kind of statement is this making to the world?

This child's family will go on my list of "43 people to B*$&# slap"

Treasure State Jew said...


The problem is that this child's parents are not the problem, just symptoms of the larger problem.

There are MILLIONS of muslim children in the world, and they are all taught this hate as soon as they can hear and comprehend.

This hate is not a new phenomena either. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a close ally of Adolf Hitler, and spent most of WWII in Germany. Iraq's Baathist party was an export of Germany's National Socialism (Nazi) party.

Here is the fundamental difference between the Jews in Israel and the Palestinians; for the most part, the Jews just want to live in their land and get along. The Palestinians, or at least their leaders, want the Jews dead.

No matter how much land we give up, they will still want us dead. I consider myself a reasonable, pragmatic kind of guy.

I am usually willing to look at honest compromise as the answer to most situations. However, I am not willing to die, and that is why peace in the Middle East is so elusive.

Mike said...

Welcome, Aaron. You can now join me as a charter member of the "professionally offended" club :-)

Monkey said...


Very sad indeed.

Justin said...

An adult having such hate is bad, imparting that on a child is absolutely disgusting. I have to admit that I'm no Muslim scholar, but from what I understand the most hardcore of the faith want us all dead, anyone that isn't a Muslim, it's not just jews, we're all just "infidels" to them. It isn't much better that so many "Christians" are preaching a message of intolerance as well. Why can't everyone just get along and play nice?

ZenPanda said...

I believe hate is taught at home first. A child grows up hearing things like this & will repeat them as well as believe them.

Hate is taught to many people, of many backgrounds. There is hate in just about every nation. Wars started by religion, money, power and greed are occurring worldwide: Africa, Ireland, Israel and else where in the Middle East.

I agree with Justin. Muslims seem to hate everyone who is NOT Muslim.