Monday, June 19

The Buzz is Asking Ridiculous Questions

This weekend, the Tribune's "Daily Question" asked if "the cleanliness of modern society undermine[s] human immune systems?"

Excuse me? This is a question about which opinion should be polled? Are they next going to commission a poll asking people's opinions about whether or not 2+2=4?

Maybe I am missing something, but the answer to questions like this can really only be answered by scientists, after conducting rigorous tests in controlled environments. To poll opinion about it is patently ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Boycott the Great Falls Tribune, and the editors will be forced to make improvements.

Treasure State Jew said...

Anon; You are a bit over the top here. Was their question ridiculous? Yes. Is it worth a "boycott?" Absolutely not.

Look, we all criticize the Trib. Criticism is an honest way to spur improvement. However, what the Trib offers our community is vitally important. That is part of the reason it is important to honestly critique their work.

Bloggers are certainly not going to publish obits, police blotters, etc. Gadfly's like me are not going to commit to attending every meeting of every public agency in our area in order to report on the proceedings.

The list of services that a community paper provides that community are really to numerous to mention here. I am not going to "boycott" that business, but I am glad to offer my unsolicited critique. Whether or not they listen to the critique will depend on whether they believe I have something relevant to say.

GeeGuy said...

Another thing. Some guy named Riverdog, to whom the following is meant as no insult, seems to spend a lot of times at "The Buzz" and, therefore, gets quoted in the Tribune all the time. Why is that again? And why do I care what Riverdog thinks about contamination?

And even though it is "unscientific," it is amazing how often people will refer to it as a 'source' for how people are thinking...