Tuesday, June 27

Government Agencies Release Environmental Study on Coal Plant

Stop reading unknowing pontifications from the likes of me and the Tribune. I mean it.

If you are coming here to read about the coal plant, I freely admit that I don't have all the information. I have opinions, but they are not so grounded in actual, you know, facts.

However, there is now a place where you can get more knowledgeable opinions about the issues surrounding this new plant. That 'place' is a 700 page Envronmental Impact Statement just relased by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality and the USDA Rural Utilities Service. This EIS probably reflects some bias of some kind, but at least we can be reasonably sure that the authors have some idea what they are talking about.

I haven't read the document yet, but you can read it and decide for yourself. Copies are available here.

I hope to read at least most of the document in the next few days. I will post more later ...

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