Monday, June 12

Mitchell Pool Should Offer Lap Swim

First the good news and public service announcement. There will be an all-comers swim meet at the Mitchell Pool on July 31, from 6-8 p.m. I will be competing, and I hope that you might consider joining in the fun.

Now the not-so-good. Due to Park and Rec policy, it is impossible to properly train for this meet. Why? Let me explain.

The Mitchell Pool is a 50 meter facility. Every other pool in Great Falls is 25 yards. This presents a few problems:

1) A meter is a #$%^*()@! of a lot longer than a yard, and
2) 50 is more than 25.

Training in a 25 yard facility acclimates you to certain conditions; i.e., a turn every 25 yards, a pace designed for optimal effort at a certain length, etc. In a 50 meter facility, you don't get that extra breath during the 25 yard turn, and that 200 meter event is considerably longer than the eight lengths you did for your practices at the Nat, the Peak or the GFHS pool.

It isn't like there isn't demand for lap swim at the Mitchell. Until the white elephant opened up a few years ago, the Mitchell always offered noon lap swim. There were always a dozen or so swimmers. Several swimmers I have spoken with over the past few weeks have said that they would like the option of lap swimming at the Mitchell.

So I propose a simple solution; from noon to 1 p.m. each weekday the Mitchell should be open for lap swimming. Lap swimmers should have to pay a set fee (maybe $30 per month) to cover the additional expenses involved in another hour of operation.

I will be presenting this idea at our Neighborhood Council 7 meeting this evening, 7 p.m. in the Gibson room of the Civic Center. If you like the idea, please come to the meeting.

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