Tuesday, June 6

Why I don't buzz around the Buzz

As Geeguy noted, the Trib has been talking about their on-line forum, the Buzz. I don't spend much time in that sandbox. Why, you ask?

Because it is a walled-off sandbox. To read that site, you have to go through the bother of mucking around in that system, on that site.

I tend to read a lot of blogs, and enjoy reading what other people are thinking. I'll let you in on a trade secret; unless I am posting a comment, my reading is almost exclusively done through RSS.

With one application (in my case, Bloglines) all of those thoughts and musings come to one central place on my screen. Pretty darned convenient.

So to the Trib; thanks for creating a forum. How about you activate an RSS feed?

And to both of my regular readers, you can syndicate this site through the RSS/Atom feed to the right.


Craig said...

Like you, I do most of my reading through RSS and Bloglines, which, incidentally is where I read this post. :)

The Raving Norseman said...

Seconded. It's just the way to go. In fact, thanks, Aaron, for pointing me to both RSS and Bloglines some months ago. I can get a lot more reading done in less time.

david said...

Thirded...Bloglines is, as my daughters would say, 'the bomb.'