Tuesday, June 20

Not a Crash

This morning, the Trib awakened us with the headline "State's Computers Crash Again." Reading on in the story, we find that the system shut itself down due to a fire alarm tripped in the datacenter.

Sorry, that isn't a crash. A crash is a catastrophic failure, not an orderly shut down due to a safety protocol. Spinning down the hard drives is a smart thing to do if there is an actual fire.

Anyone know more about this situation? And shouldn't such a critical system have offsite backup facilities for emergency operation?


Anonymous said...

No comment, thank you.

Treasure State Jew said...

You're welcome?

Anonymous said...

Gee, Aaron

I, we, used a great battery backup for our old AS 400 that gave us up to HOURS of service with the extensive battery system. When we closed that office there were plans on putting in a generator system with automatic transfer and retransfer panels. I would think that the State has such off line generating capacity and they should invest in an old fashioned large battery backup. It would be too much for them to have a duplicate computer system, in another location, for backup? If they did that they would have to have the two systems in constant communications so either could take up the load.

Montana Fats

Treasure State Jew said...


A battery wouldn't help here. I am pretty sure that the State has extensive battery backup procedures.

In this instance, the system shut itself down as a safety protocol when the fire alarm was tripped. That is a very wise precaution.

I would think that the investement in a backup mirror facility is not "too much for them" when you consider the critical nature of the day-to-day operation of the departments relying upon that system. We are "only" talking about departments like the Highway Patrol, the Prison System, etc...