Tuesday, June 13

Couldn't Say it Better Myself

Reading the paper today, I was struck by the cancellation of the golf tournaments. I was tempted to put fingers to keyboard, but Geeguy has already done so in a very cogent post. Go read his analysis, and then contact the city commission and register your distaste for the "management" the city is providing.


The Raving Norseman said...

I'm relatively cash-unencumbered and not a golfer to boot, so my own perspective on the specific issue is somewhat oblique, but I was struck --no, dumbfounded-- by Ms. Jovick-Kuntz's observation that the courses need to make more money, so if people want to stop giving them money, that's okay.

I can understand that they believe there's more money in day-to-day fees than tournaments, but saying "bugger off" to your customers isn't ever a good idea.

Treasure State Jew said...

Let's use an analogy. In the retail/wholesale world, I have products that I am willing to sell for a certain price. That price is listed.

However, if someone were to come to me and offer to buy a huge quantity of a certain widget, do you think that my price might go down a skoosh to provide an incentive for that customer to buy from me? You bet it would. I would be an idiot not to do so.

The principle is the same here. While you might get more per person in day-to-day fees, the guarantee of a full course on the day of a tournament should be more than enough incentive to lower prices for that tournament.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Golf and Express Yourself at City Commission Meetings!