Monday, June 5

The Distraction is back on the Agenda

Today's Trib ran a front page article on the upcoming congressional vote for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

One commentator on the radio this morning said that there was no more important issue that our country faces. Excuse me?

We are at war in Iraq and Afganistan. Gas is just about $3 per gallon. The National Debt is such a dizzying number that it is inconceivable, and it is increasing by billions each week. More and more of our economy is financed by the consumption of goods made overseas. The list of really important issues goes on and on and on, and we are worried about what consenting adults do in their own home.

Congress has real work to do. I understand why they are wasting our country's time with this drivel, but they are our fiduciaries. Isn't it time they started acting like it?


GeeGuy said...
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GeeGuy said...

Yeah, but it polls well.

I am almost embarassed to say I am a Republican. And before you other guys pipe in, you ought to be just as ashamed.


I sometimes wonder if this country is capable of great things anymore.

Treasure State Jew said...


All of this moralistic crap is a good part of the reason that I have cut my ties with the party.

Our country can still becapable of great things. However, right now I submit to you that we more resemble Spain circa 1550 than we do a vibrant, growing nation.